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The following photographs are Dr. Smith's actual patients.  Photographs are displayed with voluntary consent from the patient in order to assist patients considering a similar procedure. Please keep in mind that surgical results vary from patient to patient.  Please contact Dr. Smith for a consultation to review your own personalized treatment plan.

Otoplasty Case 1

Case 1.  This lovely woman in her early 20s underwent bilateral otoplasty.  The antihelical fold was carefully reshaped using sutures and relaxing incisions in the cartilage.  The conchal bowl was minimally reduced to decrease ear projection in the mid portion of the ear.  Postop images were taken several weeks after surgery.

Ototplasty Pre Anterior.png
Ototplasty Post Anterior.png
Ototplasty Pre Left.png
Ototplasty Post Left.png
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